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Brokers Are A Core Resource For Our Business

STERLING COMMERCIAL CAPITAL encourages Brokers to submit commercial mortgage loan transactions when the Broker has a strong borrower relationship and which transactions are controlled by the Broker.

And this is a two-way street.

In recognition of a loan submission received from a Mortgage Broker, STERLING COMMERCIAL CAPITAL will provide the following:

Each transaction is registered in the Broker’s name and date upon receipt
The Broker maintains his/her relationship with the Client throughout the transaction and subsequent transactions with the same Client.
The fee agreed upon between the Client and the Broker is drawn from loan proceeds and distributed by STERLING COMMERCIAL CAPITAL to the Broker at the closing.
The Broker is credited with originating the transaction in all announcements and press releases.
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From time to time, STERLING COMMERCIAL CAPITAL issues loan program pricing and updates, news releases and other announcements which are sent directly to Brokers, keeping Brokers current on the various loan programs, pricing, closed loans, policy modifications and other activities of the firm.

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